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All our ideas come from the fabulous skills of our photographer. We follow the international concepts of photography and we are always committed to making the commercial photography professional.

We specialize in shooting architecture (model house, interior design), hotel (interior, dishes) and products. In your design process, we provide you with the best photographic works integrated with our personalized thoughts. We have the world’s top cameras (Hasselblad 120 medium-sized cameras (40 million pixel digital back) with a series of Zeiss prime lenses, 21.9 million pixel Canon 1Ds Mark Ⅲ digital cameras with Canon lenses, Sina 4 ride 5 large-sized camera) ,150 square meters studio and the spirit of trying our best to provide you the top service.

After decades of hard work, we have accumulated a wealth of shooting experience and have established good partnerships with lots of real estate companies, high star-level hotels and many other enterprises. CCP STUDIO has never stopped the passionate pursuit of the art and life. Being professional is our technical assurance, the dedication to the job is our working attitude.

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